Nova Jeans 0-36 Kgs 360 degrees rotating

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Car seat Coccolle Nova incorporates a 4 in 1 system (All in One), meaning it is the only car seat you will ever need for your little one, since the day of birth, until the age of 12, compatible with all age groups: 4 distinct age groups, 6 recline positions of the back seat, 10 positions of adjustment for the head rest. The car seat offers comfort and maximum safety during all the using stages, due to the fact that it is equipped both with Isofix system and top-tether belt, guaranteeing double safety. It is the only car seat you will need beginning with the first days of the baby’s life, fitted with a very useful new-born inlay, with maximum density, ensuring a correct and comfortable lumbar (hip) position. The fabrics used in manufacturing the car seat allow the good air flow, avoiding over-heating; the extra pillow for new-born is very cozy, delicate, detachable and washable. The safety belts include extra-protective materials, enhancing the maximum comfort and safety of the baby. The car seat is intended for use to the 0+ groups of ages - rear facing the driving direction, and after for the 1,2 and 3 age groups – front facing the driving direction. The seat includes 2 recline positions for the first stage of use, and 4 recline positions for the stages 1,2 and 3. Rotative car seat: - Rear facing the direction of driving: - group 0+ - Facing the direction of driving: - groups 1+2+3 - Lateral – for when you place or take out the baby in/from the car seat – in this case it is strictly forbidden the use of the seat in this position during driving. Lateral integrated protection system, with the advantage of absorbing part of the lateral shocks. Integrated “Guard Surround Safety Panels” – softening the lateral shock, in case of impact. 10-position adjustable head rest, growing along with the child. By adjusting the head rest, the width of the car seat also grows, so that the baby sits
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