Rocking /Ride ON Dog

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The comfortable contoured seat in the form of a sofa and adjustable straps ensure comfort and safety during the carefree swinging and movement of the baby.


The rocker has wooden poles with footrests and handles that help you keep the balance in play and a set of folding wheels with anti-slip pad, so that in a few seconds you can turn it into a wonderful luxury vehicle.


Interactive ears *. When you press you hear a sound.


Playing with your baby you must coordinate the movements of the rocker, which stimulates coordination and imagination, develops and improves the sense of balance.




- Wooden and sliding handles with footrest.


- An adjustable safety belt.


- stable construction


- interactive ears


- Folding wheels with non-slip cover.


- From 12 to 36 months.


- up to 30 kg


- Comfortable car seat with backrest.


- bandana *


- halter *


- soft material


- EC declaration of conformity.


- The toy requires two AA batteries. Pocket with hidden batteries under the belly of the toy. (* Batteries not included)


* Optional according to the model.


Dimensions of the product:


Height: 49 cm


Height on wheels: +3 cm.


Length of the skates: 68 cm.


The length of the rocking chair: 53 cm.


Width: 34 cm


Seat height: 33 cm.


Height from the footrest to the seat: 26 cm.


Internal dimensions of the seat:


Length: 18 cm from the back of the neck *


Seat width 18 cm *


Backrest height 15 cm *


Handles width: 30 cm.


* The material also doubles up to 4 cm.


Dimensions of the package:


Length: 61 cm x height: 47 cm x width: 36 cm


Product weight:


Net: 3.7 kg


Gross: 4.7 kg


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