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Benefiting from a robust steel frame, the Venti tricycle is assembled without additional tools, which guarantees its long and frequent use. The product has a series of features that guarantee the comfort of the little one: adjustable backrest, rotating seat, footrest with the back facing the direction of travel, freewheel system and adjustable footrest. With all these benefits it's hard to refuse a tricycle ride. For the parents' advantage, the auxiliary rod is telescopic so that the effort to push is minimal. With the help of smart storage spaces, every toy of the little one and device necessary for adults finds its place on this product. The tricycle benefits from all safety measures and can be used in the age range of 1-5 years (seat belt, quilted seat and backrest, safety ring). To save space both for storage and transport, the tricycle frame folds. As the child grows, the tricycle accessories are removed and the product can be used as a classic tricycle. Equipped with rubber wheels, the tricycle ensures flexible and smooth rides. Main features: - 360-degree rotating seat - adjustable backrest, with sleeping position - adjustable canopy in multiple positions - easy adjustment, without tools - solid rubber wheels, 10 and 8 inches, respectively - the rear part of the frame is foldable -2 sets of footrests: when used with the back facing the direction of travel and for use facing the direction of travel - rear wheels with brakes -generous basket
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