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Life with a newborn can become chaotic when we have insuficient space. The Coccolle Ravello modular stroller has been designed to meet the needs of all parents who lack space or who want an easy-to-use and extremely compact stroller for newborns. The stroller consists of a light black anodized aluminum frame, a convertible unit that can be transformed from a pram into a sports unit and vice versa in just a few movements and a perfect car basket for both car rides and short escapades on the frame carriage. The lightweight frame is made of aluminum, a safe material that gives solitude and easy use being a strong metal that lasts over time. Its weight does not exceed 6 kg, which is why it is easy to handle. The maximum weight it can support is 15 kg. Folding can be done with the transformable unit on the frame. The handle and the bumper are covered in ecological leather, an element that gives not only comfort, but also a special look to the Ravello stroller. The transformable unit can be used from 0 months and comes equipped with a comfortable mattress that can cover the 5-point seat belt, a component that will not be used in the newborn stage. The transformable pram can be worn both face to face and face to face depending on the preferences of each parent. As the child grows, the transformable unit becomes a sports unit by quickly fastening 3 belts. In sport mode, there are 3 reclining positions on the back accessible by simultaneously pressing the side buttons. After the age of 6 months or once the little one can sit alone, the use of a seat belt is mandatory. The cover of the transformable unit has generous dimensions, it is equipped with UV protection and sunshade, so that the strong summer sun will not bother the baby. The stroller is also equipped with a warm foot cover that protects the little one from the cold in the cold season. Coccolle Ravello is equipped with generously sized wheels made of PU alloy, a
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