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Complex, versatile and easy to use: features that help you meet the challenges with a newborn. The Coccolle Melora multifunctional stroller is a complete 3in1 set, suitable for the newborn stage and up to about 3 years. Being a convertible stroller, the carrycot can be easily converted into a sport unit and vice versa to give you the versatility you so desperately need in the modern world. Use the product as a carrycot in the first months of life when the baby needs a completely horizontal position, and will use it in sport unit mode when the baby is ready to sit alone. The transformation of the stroller will be done easily, with the help of support straps, in 2 simple steps. The product is multifunctional and adjustable according to the needs of your child: the backrest of the stroller can be adjusted in several positions on the back (3 positions - 100-degree seat / 145-degree seat, 180-degree flat), and the fact that the convertible unit adjusts a strap system makes it possible to adjust based on your child's needs. Also, the canopy has generous dimensions and can be fixed in several positions, depending on the weather outside or the preferences of the little one. The sports unit is reversible: as the child grows, the stroller will be adjusted according to his needs. With the help of the straps, the carrycot becomes a comfortable sports unit that can be placed both front and back in the direction of travel. Moreover, the backrest adjusts independently of the footrest, so the stroller can ensure a comfortable sleeping position even for older children. A convertible stroller that quickly adapts to your child's needs. Ultra-compact folding: space constraints are no longer an issue, as the Coccolle Melora stroller folds very compactly, even if the convertible unit remains mounted on the frame. Thanks to this folding method, the stroller finds its place in the smallest storage spaces, in the narrow elevators, on the alleys of small shops
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